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Get Around the Island Attractions via Best Jamaica Transfers


Travel around the city and country side, experience the beauty of local attractions and to do so you need the best and affordable Jamaican transfers. 

In Jamaica most transfers run between the Montego Bay airport and island hotels. However, not all transfers may go directly to your hotel, thus, you will have to see that prior hand that you either take the nearest route via traveling through public transport or hire your hotel rentals for best and comfortable journey. Ask about all inclusive hotel packages as they have transfers included when you book your vacation from online portal.

Best Jamaica Transfers for Your Island Journey

Route taxis: One of the best ways to travel around Jamaica is by the route taxis. Make sure to come across for taxis that have a red license plate on it. It is better to cross check the taxi fare with locals first, before you board on to it!

Bus: One more way to get around is by bus or minivan which operates in a similar way to the route taxis. The bus fares are preset by the government of Jamaica and are non-negotiable. All transfers can be overfull at times so think of alternatives before taking on long journeys.

Private charter: Hire your own driver (or private car) as it is a more comfortable option and gives you the leverage to travel freely, but it is costly. Prices are negotiable and should be decided before entering the vehicle.

Hotel rentals- You may also book your transfers for Jamaica activities via your online travel company before hand so as to avoid any last minute hassles. Also, the portals give great discounts and free transfers at times along with your package.

Do not get scared for your safety however, you should take some measures while traveling around- don’t wear expensive ornaments or hold lot of cash with you, don’t walk alone on remote streets especially at night and lastly, know the local helpline or police station numbers. 




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